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Defensive Manoeuvres That Put the Wrestler on the Winning Edge

Wrestling is among the more highly appreciated sports in most high schools today. Although many high school wrestlers focus on how fast they win, they sometimes don't focus on their safety while wrestling. A wrestler's safety during a match isn't guaranteed if they don't know how to defend themselves against the opponent's moves and take-downs. If you master your opponent's defensive manoeuvres, winning a match is easy. Here are some of the defensive manoeuvres a high school wrestler needs to know before they get on the mat:

Spread Out on the Mat

Most opponents go for leg take-downs to win the match fast. However, you can avoid such take-downs by sprawling on the mat. If your opponent shoots at you, then spread out your legs to defend yourself. Do you know what you should do when your opponent grabs one or both of your legs? Just drive your hips down to make your opponent loosen their grip and flatten out. Then get behind your opponent if you want your defensive technique to become an offensive one. Leg attacks are common in any wrestling match, but you can defend yourself against them by making some moves such as sprawling.

Don't Underestimate Side Rolls

Could you escape once your opponent gets a hold of or attacks you from above? Yes, just use side rolls. Once you have grabbed the wrist of your opponent, pulling it across your waist should be the next thing. Get the opponent's arm and pull it so they lose balance or turn their body just next to you. Be extra careful when using the side roll since it's a surprise move in most wrestling matches. Most opponents expect the side roll move, but not before the referee's whistle. Any great wrestler makes side rolls unpredictable.

Maintain Stable Posture

Winning a wrestling match doesn't just depend on the take-downs and moves you make, but also your defensive strategy. Know how to use your head, hands, waist and arms to defend yourself while wrestling. Your posture on the mat could determine if you would fight off your opponent's attacks with your fist. If the opponent tries to tie up with you, you can block them using your head if your stance is stable. The stability of your wrestling posture or stance increases once you strengthen your core muscles. To enhance your motion on the mat, you should always pose with your hips back.

If you are careful to follow whatever your wrestling coach tells you to do, learning new countermoves and defensive techniques won't be difficult. Any wrestler that wants to win more matches works hard to outsmart the defensive moves of their opponent.